Monday, August 20, 2018

Nothing ever truly ends

I close my eyes
to feel the cold air
touching my lungs
again -
I was warm,
the light was 
so tangled in my hair
that my fingers 
turned to gold.

Everything about it was
a forever could have been.

Back then,
there was a storm
in my heart
and no one heard
the scream,
the thunder.
At night
the walls of my room
were filled with
lightings coming out
of my chest,
but the noise never 
woke anyone up
besides myself.

Everything ended
how all things end:
it didn't.
Think about it,
nothing ever truly ends,
isn't it so?
with time
the storm 
turned to drizzle,
the thunders
turned to whispers,
the lightning
turned to dark,

but the core of it all
lives on
in me.
I just had to let go
of the storm
so I could live.

at nights,
I think of you. 
I close my eyes
and I'm on that bridge again,
the city lights
in the water,
the cold air
my lungs.
I'm smiling 
I can still hear the thunder.

Nothing ever truly ends
because nostalgia
will carry on
and oh,
how lucky we are
to have lived things
worth feeling nostalgic over.

One of the most nostalgic songs I've ever heard. It fits.


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